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Although we draw ever closer to Back To The Future II’s vision of 2015, many of its predictions remain frustratingly out of reach. Our “hoverboards” are still useless replicas. The Cubs still suck. We’re still rehydrating our pizzas the old-fashioned way, in the bathtub. And of course, we’re still tying our shoelaces, even after years of Nike teasing us with limited-edition, prohibitively expensive Air Mags that still don’t have power-lace technology. But once again we’re being told that our future is whatever we make it—so next year, we’re making power laces.


That bold proclamation came from Nike designer Tinker Hatfield, who recently made an appearance at Jordan Brand’s Flight Lab space in New Orleans, and responded to the one future shoe-related question most have been asking since 1989. “Are we gonna see power laces in 2015? To that I say yes!” Sole Collector quotes Hatfield as saying, in the reckless idiom of the devil-may-care sneaker designer.

Of course, Hatfield apparently didn’t elaborate as to whether these power laces would be on a reissued Air Mag or some other, equally desirable shoe, whether they’d be made available through retail (as opposed to a one-off charity auction like last time), whether Nike had finally figured out the power source problems that’s delayed the project since it first filed a patent for the technology in 2010, etc. But presumably all of these questions will be answered soon by a fax received through our televisions, in the awesomely advanced future of 2015.  [via Gizmodo]

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