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Nike finally making Back To The Future II's self-lacing shoes for real

Illustration for article titled Nike finally making emBack To The Future II/ems self-lacing shoes for real

Outside of a major league baseball team in Miami and crass cash-in films featuring fake-looking 3-D sharks, very few of Back To The Future II’s visions of life in the 21st century have come to pass, even now that we’re only three years out from its timeline. But while it seems unlikely that we’ll have a flying car transportation system in place by then, at least you can finally get some shoes that automatically lace themselves. As first teased by producer Frank Marshall and a Back To The Future-themed invite to a mysterious Nike release party—then ultimately confirmed by the below promo video—Nike’s new MAG line of shoes are indeed inspired by the self-lacing, superfluously glowing pair worn by Michael J. Fox in the 1989 film. So, it only took over two decades to get some of those. You should finally be getting a hoverboard somewhere around 2040. [via Coming Soon]

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