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Night Court's Harry Anderson to preside over another fake argument in Creationism movie

Much as Harry Anderson once solved our nation’s most difficult nighttime-related court cases, the actor is now set to solve another completely imaginary dispute: the debate over evolution, as staged by those who believe there is one. Anderson stars in the new movie A Matter Of Faith, funded by the same group that runs Kentucky’s Creation Museum, with the same agenda of disproving evolution by using artificial props.

In this case, that prop is an increasingly familiar one—the Smug Atheist Professor Played By A Former TV Star—as seen in the recent God’s Not Dead. And like that movie’s Kevin Sorbo, Anderson is in for the completely manufactured fight of his life after his crazy ideas and wacky centuries of observational data run up against the ironclad, incontrovertible beliefs of a student’s father that his daughter shouldn’t be learning any of that “science” mumbo-jumbo, just because she’s in college now.


Directed by Rich Christiano—presumably a clever nom de plume—A Matter Of Faith pits former magician and con man Anderson against the logistical sleight of hand performed by General Hospital’s Jay Pickett, who will not rest in pretending to do research until he defeats the straw man that’s been set up for him. In his most desperate hour, Pickett turns to former Walker, Texas Ranger star Clarence Gilyard, trying to pull the retired professor back in for One Last Score Against Liberals (even if Gilyard declares he’s “out of the game!”). And throughout it all, Pickett’s daughter finds herself similarly torn between what man should do the thinking for her—including a nice, goateed Christian boy who declares, “Life comes from life; it doesn’t come from non-life,” thus ending the argument forever.

Anyway, the movie poster features a girl’s hand about to touch an ape’s—where you can see for yourself that they’re different, therefore creationism. But be sure to stick around to see Harry Anderson learn that. 

[via Death And Taxes]

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