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TNT is clearly loving Claws, its dark comedy about a nail salon operating as a front for a money-laundering scheme, but the network isn’t going to stop at giving the show a third season. According to a press release, TNT is also developing some kind of late-night show for Claws star Niecy Nash. We don’t know much about the project, and the press release is weirdly cagey with details, but it’ll be called Naked With Niecy Nash and the plan for the show is to feature Nash “[serving] up a tall glass of humor, advice, and one-of-a-kind ‘Niecy-isms’ on all things love, sex, romance, and relationships with everyday people.” It’s said to have a “late-night feel” and will be “late-night themed,” which we’re going to take as more of a “no kids allowed” thing and not a Tonight Show thing.


Also, possibly because TNT recognizes the message it’s sending, TNT executive Sarah Aubrey specifically notes that Nash will be “fully-clothed” during the pilot. There’s no word on when the pilot is being filmed or when the show might air if it gets picked up by TNT.

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