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David E. Kelley barely let the ink dry on the latest round of additions to season two of True Detective before announcing his new foray into the world of TV, the upcoming limited series Big Little Lies. The show, an adaptation of Australian writer Liane Moriarty’s darkly comic novel of the same name, will star Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon. Big Little Lies will be written entirely by Kelley and will feature the Oscar-winning actresses exploring the potentially murderous ways of parents of kindergartners at an exclusive kindergarten. (If your parents didn’t murder anyone in order to secure your place in an exclusive kindergarten, it is totally okay to question their love now.)


Kelley is no stranger to bringing Oscar winners to television, as his most recent shows, The Crazy Ones and Harry’s Law, saw Robin Williams and Kathy Bates in lead roles. Big Little Lies is being developed without a network in place, and, given the caliber of talent involved, could spark a bidding war between cable networks and online streaming services trying to have it all.

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