Further proof that Nicolas Cage’s recent Romanian freak-out will have zero impact on his career, despite what the L.A. Times would have you believe: The sidewalk samurai has signed on to star in the upcoming action thriller Medallion, where he will play a “former master thief” who will die for the honor of his daughter when she’s kidnapped and locked inside the trunk of a New York medallion taxicab. (Clive Owen and Jason Statham had been rumored to star at one time or another; Cage's casting suggests they're going in a slightly, shall we say, bat-shittier direction.) The film is written by David Guggenheim, former Us Weekly journalist and scribe behind the upcoming Denzel Washington-starring Safe House—and also the guy whose name will always necessitate us saying, “Not to be confused with documentary director Davis Guggenheim,” which is, frankly, annoying. We hereby demand that David Guggenheim be forced to either change it or adopt a nickname, like “Googy” or something. Anyway, Medallion sort of sounds like Taken meets, uh, the Queen Latifah-Jimmy Fallon romp Taxi, but of course, the gale force wind that is Nicolas Cage blows away any and all such flimsy comparisons.