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Nicolas Cage to do his own Five Nights At Freddy's thing with Wally's Wonderland

Photo: Jon Kopaloff (Getty Images)

What’s the only thing worse than killer robots? Off-brand killer robots! The Banana Splits Movie just gave us one attempt at doing a Five Nights At Freddy’s movie without actually using the name of the long-running video game horror franchise that clearly inspired it, and now Nicolas Cage is also going to do a Five Nights At Freddy’s movie without actually calling it Five Nights At Freddy’s. As reported by Deadline, Cage is going to star in Wally’s Wonderland, a movie about a janitor who is “forced to spend the night in a twist amusement park where he is pulled into a living nightmare.” Naturally, given the first few sentences of this story, the janitor is terrorized by “animatronic characters come to life” and has to “fight his way from one monster to another to survive until morning and get out of the park.”

So it’s One Night At Wally’s… or maybe it’s the Itchy And Scratchy Land episode of The Simpsons? Either way, Nicolas Cage will be there, which is always (?) a good (?) thing. Wally’s Wonderland is being directed by Kevin Lewis, who says that he envisions it as “Pale Rider vs. Killer Klowns From Outer Space.” That sounds rad, as does a movie about Nicolas Cage killing robots in an empty theme park, so consider us intrigued. 


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