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Nicolas Cage takes a rare supporting role in Oliver Stone’s Snowden

One might think that the biggest news today regarding Oliver Stone’s Edward Snowden movie—now simply titled Snowden—would be the reflected afterglow of Citizenfour’s Oscar victory last night. But, as has been well established on the Internet, there is one man who can transcend any other news, and even, when he’s so inclined, space, time, and logic itself. Which is why the bees themselves tremble this morning, as Variety reports Nicolas Cage has joined the cast of Stone’s upcoming Joseph Gordon-Levitt-starring thriller.

Rarely has a week gone by of late without news of yet another cast member being added to the high-profile project, which recounts the story of whistleblower Edward Snowden and his leak of classified documents that single-handedly remade world politics. But while it’s certainly interesting to see which highly respected actors have been signing on to the film, none are quite as unusual as the man who has given us source material for roughly 25 percent of all images on the Internet. It’s also significant for being one of the few times that Cage has signed on to a movie as anything other than the star. (Outside of Kick-Ass and a certain appearance as Fu Manchu, Cage hasn’t really played a supporting role since the early days of his career.) Presumably attracted by the prestige material, he’ll be playing a former U.S. intelligence official. No word yet on how many scenes of screaming and gesticulating he’ll get to do, though smart money puts the over/under at around 300.


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