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Reassuring those who may have grown concerned that Nicolas Cage's recent attachment to the stark Southern drama Joe signaled a shift into more subdued, less distinctly Nicolas Cage-ian fare, Deadline reports that Cage has agreed to star in the action thriller I Am Wrath—a title that needs only a poster of Nicolas Cage wearing sunglasses and a black trenchcoat with a shotgun slung across his shoulder to be complete. Until then, of course, there are the dull mechanics of actually putting Cage on film yelling words and driving cars very fast, a task that Deadline speculates may fall to William Friedkin, even as the strong critical response to Killer Joe would suggest Friedkin might follow up by finding more unique things to do.


But by simply using your imagination, you can already see I Am Wrath right now just by reading its synopsis, which involves a man who deals with the murder of his wife by seeking to "find justice on his own," becoming a vigilante who takes revenge on corrupt cops (as opposed to on criminals, like the most recent time he was Seeking Justice). The scene where Nicolas Cage seethes, "Who am I? I am wrath" into his phone is expected to be one of cinema's most notable scenes where Nicolas Cage does something like that.

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