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Nicolas Cage’s face invades Halo, continues to be everywhere

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The invasion of Nicolas Cage’s face continues unabated. He was already on a Serbian biology textbook, every selfie on Instagram, every image in Google Chrome (thanks to a certain little downloadable add-on), everything in Minecraft, and everything in this poor dude’s house. And now, he’s been plastered all over the original Halo. It’s the handy work of a YouTube user named Gunner, who altered Halo: Combat Evolved and added various, ridiculous Nic Cage faces to many of its graphics. “Cagelo,” as Gunner calls the modification, doesn’t appear to be something you can download and run yourself (yet), but Gunner was nice enough to create two videos showing off its effects. Here’s part two:

Seeing Cage’s mug mask Cortana’s holographic face is pretty eerie, but it’s the little things here that really make this work: the ghostly Cage that fades in and out of Master Chief’s radar, the random Cage bits in the contours of the glass, the giant Cage eye peeking through the window. And after seeing Cage’s mad grin stretched across that moon, the next target for Cage-loving modders seems obvious. What’s that? Someone already squeezed Nic Cage onto nearly every surface in The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask? Of course they did.


[via Kotaku]

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