Ever curious what the Patron Saint of the Internet, Nicolas Cage, thinks of games, but preferably in less time than needed to warm up a Hot Pocket? Game In 60 Seconds arrives from #mashed as a Cage impersonator becomes unbridled id to review Destiny (which seems in keeping with The A.V. Club’s own review). Over all he gives the game only three out of five possible Ghost Riders. While raising excellent points about players’ tendency to essentially re-enact the Zion scene from Matrix Reloaded, Game In 60 Seconds also takes aim at the underwhelming expansion pack. Fair critiques while including an appealing Gary Busey reference/impersonation all under 60 seconds? Pretty impressive feat, #mashed. Though future editions need more references to Werner Herzog, the pyramid Cage bought, and demanding to know the fiery origins of how things got burned.