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Illustration for article titled Nicolas Cage joins iBorat/i director for Osama Bin Laden comedy

Fresh off his Oscar-worthy performance in Joe and his unexplained presence on the set of the Left Behind remake, Nicolas Cage is now teaming up with Borat director Larry Charles for Army Of One, a semi-true story about a U.S. civilian determined to scour the globe for Osama bin Laden. Cage will play Gary Faulkner, a Colorado construction worker who tried to sneak into Pakistan and Afghanistan several times on a quest to discover the whereabouts of the infamous terrorist.


The movie is loosely based on a GQ article about Faulkner’s real crusade, although The Hollywood Reporter says that the film will only be “semi-scripted” by Scott Rothman and Rajiv Joseph (Draft Day). This likely means that Charles, who also directed Brüno and The Dictator, will employ a significant amount of improvisation—as he and Sacha Baron Cohen did on those previous projects. This can only mean one thing: 100% Unfiltered Cage. Army Of One is tentatively set for release at the end of the year, provided that doctors say it’s safe to experience that much concentrated Cage in one sitting.

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