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Nicolas Cage invades Game Of Thrones

This is what the internet does best: allow everyday people’s imaginations to run wild with funny, weird, and engrossing results. Redditor CarlosDanger100 Photoshopped Nicolas Cage onto dozens of Game Of Thrones characters, seamlessly inserting the world’s favorite crazed film star’s face onto major characters—Tyrion, Ned, Cersi—and lesser ones—Khal Drogo, The Hound, and Hodor.


What’s really well done about this is that CarlosDanger100 carefully matches up an appropriate Cage face with each Game Of Thrones character, so Sansa Cage looks properly fearful, Stannis Cage properly grim, and Joffrey Cage properly little-boy douchey.


You can see all 30 of the Game Of Thrones Cages on Imgur, and while you’re at it, head over to Reddit to give CarlosDanger100 the up-votes this artist deserves.

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