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Nicolas Cage and Kelsey Grammer teaming up for thriller Grand Isle, which sounds right up their alley

Photo: Frazer Harrison and Pascal Le Segretain (Getty Images)

Nicolas Cage and Kelsey Grammer are two very large personalities. So large, one might argue, that there’s no movie big enough for the both of them. That theory will be tested with Grand Isle, a bonkers-sounding thriller that, as The Hollywood Reporter notes, marks the duo’s first time sharing a screen. Stephen S. Campanelli, a longtime Clint Eastwood collaborator, is slated to direct the film, which also stars KaDee Strickland and Luke Benward.

Grand Isle sounds like primo Cage fare, with the bug-eyed star playing a “trigger-happy ex-Marine living on a quiet island in Louisiana.” His life is turned upside-down, however, when a handyman leads him to a night filled with “greed, sex, violence and unspeakable discoveries.” Wowza. Surprisingly, the notoriously decadent Grammer has nothing to do with that sex and violence, as he’s playing a detective brought in to investigate those “unspeakable discoveries.”


Normally, this is the kind of thing we’d expect to slide ignominiously onto Netflix, but Mandy proved that there’s still critical and commercial juice in Cage’s, shall we say, Cagiest turns, so a theatrical release could very well be in the cards.

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