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Nicki Minaj says she's retiring to start a family

Photo: John Shearer (Getty Images)

It’s not every day that you get to compare one of hip-hop’s most successful women to an aging town councilperson forced to resign their office because they got caught having a tawdry affair. And yet here we are, with Nicki Minaj apparently announcing via Twitter today that she intends to retire to focus on her family. (No illicit rendezvous with Debbie over in Planning Permissions were presumably involved.)

Minaj last released new music—the single “Megatron”—back in June, and has talked recently about working on her fifth studio album. (She also annointed Megan Thee Stallion’s “Hot Girl Summer” with her high-temperature blessing.) But then, today, the muthafucking monster (of familial responsibility and domestic bliss) apparently struck:


And hey, let’s be clear: This is Twitter; if we held every musician to the consequences of every single potential life-altering idea that ended up in a social media post, our pop culture would be even more bizarre—and bad-Kanye-West-idea-infested—than it already is. (Also, Minaj’s representation has yet to comment on the announcement, presumably because they’re busy talking each other off a series of ledges.) For now, though, Minaj—who, for the sake of clarity, is not currently married, and who doesn’t have any kids—is standing by (or at least not deleting) her statement. It’s not clear if she’ll actually finish that last album, either, or if the siren call of suburban escapism has simply grown too strong.

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