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Nicki Minaj is sorry if you were bothered by that Nazi-looking stuff in her video

A day after we reported on the swift backlash against Nicki Minaj’s Nazi-themed video for “Only,” Minaj has offered an apology. More specifically, she used Twitter to document a Kübler-Ross-like journey towards taking partial responsibility.

The first stage for Minaj was “Denial.”


Minaj then entered the“Deflection” stage, making it clear that the producer and videographer are as responsible as they are Jewish.


Finally, Minaj arrived at “Expressing Conditional Remorse.”


So, to recap: Nicki Minaj is familiar with Sin City and Metalocalypse, but not so much the Third Reich. Some of her best friends are Jews (or at least one). She isn’t taking responsibility for the video being made, but she sure feels bad if you’ve chosen to be upset by it.

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