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Nicki Minaj is receiving death threats for her Mitt Romney endorsement that we should all take very seriously

As you have no doubt heard by now via the official Mitt Romney newsletter or in some equally cringe-inducing work of political writing, Nicki Minaj is currently generating a lot of controversy for her recent lyrical contribution to Lil Wayne's Dedication 4 mixtape. "I'm a Republican voting for Mitt Romney / You lazy bitches is fucking up the economy," Minaj raps, clearly an endorsement of Mitt Romney paired with an astute assessment of America's ongoing financial crisis, as hip-hop lyrics are always to be taken literally, and historically Minaj is nothing if not concerned with the welfare state. (In the same verse, Minaj also goes on to say that she is "out in Miami, chilling with a zombie," though so far no one has responded with the same sense of alarm to her bringing attention to Miami's growing population of the undead, whose relaxed, "just chill" attitude only makes them another burden on the middle class.)

Of course, sarcastically pointing out that Minaj may have been employing some artistic license with her freestyle lyrics, that she is not even a registered voter—or that she is Nicki Minaj, so who gives a shit—is mostly just an example of us being a "snarky pedant," according to critics like Ebony's Michael Arcenaux (which is mostly just a by-product of our being "mostly White"). It is, after all, us asserting our own patronizing intellectual superiority in a way that is, uh, different than Arcenaux's asserting, "Black teenage girls (and everyone else listening to Nicki Minaj) aren’t all that different from the White adults consistently fooled into voting against their own interests based on things more knowledgeable people would easily dismiss as completely idiotic." Mostly because the former critique easily dismisses this non-issue as completely idiotic, but it also ignores the apparently very real possibility floated by Arcenaux that Minaj's gullible fans just might follow her alleged ideological lead down the Republican hole, taking hip-hop's obsession with materialism to the next logical place by actually endorsing the party with all the money.


Minaj's participation in hip-hop's continued evolution from the "CNN of the streets" to the NASDAQ of the streets notwithstanding, Arcenaux's worries are probably a little unnecessary. Judging from the reaction on social media, Minaj isn't in danger of influencing anyone. In fact, she's even been getting some death threats for it, as compiled here by Twitchy.

Anyway, in addition to confirming that F. Scott Fitzgerald really doesn't believe there are any second acts in American lives for stupid-ass no-talent-having-ass bitches, we'd say this sort of overwhelmingly negative reaction suggest that Minaj's Romney "endorsement" may have a somewhat less-than-noticeable impact on the election. That means that everyone can now move on to getting angry with Nicki Minaj for admitting that she only pretended to be bisexual to "get attention"—a confession that probably has no bearing on this other headline-grabbing controversy at all.

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