(Photo: Getty Images, Victor Boyko)

If you’re one of the many people in this country currently drowning in student loan debt or high tuition rates, you probably should’ve been reading Nicki Minaj’s Twitter page last night instead of doing whatever other things you foolishly thought would be a better use of your time. That’s because Minaj decided to spend about an hour on Saturday night throwing money at her fans, and it might have been one of the coolest things a rich/famous person has ever done on social media.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, the whole thing kicked off when Minaj noted that she “makes enough money” to fly people in to the Billboard Music Awards from anywhere in the world if they win a completely unrelated contest she’s involved in. This prompted a fan to—jokingly, we assume—ask if Minaj would pay for their tuition, which she was totally on board with:

Then, for the next hour or so, Minaj solicited requests from her fans to pay for their tuition, loans, and other school-related expenses, and all she asked was that people prove the requests were legitimate:



The whole time, Minaj was surprisingly casual about the fact that she was promising thousands of dollars to random people on Twitter, simply responding to some requests with “Ok” or “Got u” and asking them to send her their info with direct messages. We have no idea how much money she’s actually paying out to these people, but she said she’d make the payments today and then see if she has “any money left.” She even suggested that she’ll do this again in the future, so everybody should start following Nicki Minaj on Twitter now if they want a shot at this.