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Nicki Minaj brings her formidable diss-track abilities to this week's SNL cut sketch

Nicki Minaj’s ability to deliver an ego-shattering diss is well documented in her music. And for her appearance as the musical guest on this week’s season 43 closer, Saturday Night Live put Nicki’s shit-talking prowess to use in a sketch that, although it was cut for time, is frankly more entertaining than a lot of what made it to the air on last night’s lackluster episode.

Unlike Minaj’s performance of “Chun Li” backed by Asian dancers on the SNL live broadcast, which sparked accusations of cultural appropriation on social media, “Friendship Song” is all about bringing people together—by talking shit about the people they don’t like. In a verse towards the end of the sketch, supportive friend Minaj raps: “I’ll rip up her life, get the knife / Because you’re low-key my wife, you’re my bitch for life ... Let’s punch her in the face and take her jewels/ It’s May, we don’t play with those April fools.” Rather like Minaj’s ongoing pseudo-rivalry with Cardi B, the dynamic of female friendship is complicated. But clearly, it’s much better to have Nicki Minaj on your side.

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