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Nickelodeon's new reboot teaser once again asks: Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

It’s been 19 years since The Midnight Society last assembled around the campfire, speaking in creepy voices, tossing that weird dust all over the place, and telling a series of ostensibly kid-appropriate spooky stories that almost always somehow ended up involving clowns. Now Nickelodeon has brought the group back to order for its new Are You Afraid Of The Dark reboot, submitting for our collective approval the very brief teaser for the series above.


Given that the show’s concept is essentially evergreen—it was revived once before, after all, back in 2000—the trailer hits all the bases in unsurprising fashion: Zombies, sinister teens with bad eye makeup, and, yep, a clown. (Okay, so it’s really just a clown-shaped trash can, but the trailer still gives it the full jump-scare treatment.) Nickelodeon also revealed that the series (debuting in October) will break with some of the series’ traditions; each of its three hour-long episodes will be a smaller part of a larger tale (“The Carnival Of Doom”), and apparently the details of the story will come to life in order to endanger the members of the Society themselves. What will they do, we now ask ourselves, when the clown-shaped trashcans of their darkest nightmares come for them? We’ll have to wait a couple of months in order to find out.

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