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Nickelodeon to introduce its first married gay couple

The Loud House

More than a year after Nickelodeon’s The Legend Of Korra ended with a shot of its female protagonist embarking on an (implied) romance with another woman, the kids’ network is taking another step toward better representation for LGBTQ characters on its shows. Vulture is reporting that an upcoming episode of Nickelodeon’s new cartoon The Loud House will feature a same-sex married couple, with Wayne Brady and MadTV alum Michael McDonald playing the fathers of one of the show’s regular characters, Clyde.


The scene in question shows the protective parents dropping Clyde off for a sleepover at the titular structure, complete with his white noise machine and allergy medicine. It’s actually pretty reminiscent of Nickelodeon rival Disney Channel’s own first foray into same-sex married couples, which happened two years ago on the live-action sitcom Good Luck Charlie. Both scenes are refreshingly uninterested in treating the married couple as anything other than what they are, although Nickelodeon gets bonus points for positioning the characters as potentially recurring parts, and giving them a few actual jokes.

The episode of The Loud House featuring the fathers McBride debuts Wednesday night at 5 p.m. ET.

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