Taking inspiration from its own source material, Nickelodeon’s School Of Rock series has found a fake Jack Black to play its fake substitute teacher, Dewey Finn. Tony Cavalero, a Los Angeles-based improviser and actor who possesses an amazing ability to kind of maybe sort of look like Jack Black if you squint hard enough, will be taking on the role of the failed rocker who cons his way into a job at prestigious prep school. Cavalero will have to stretch his acting talents in his role as a man desperately trying to be someone he’s not (he’ll also be playing a fake teacher on the actual show).

School Of Rock director Richard Linklater is an executive producer on the series, which has been given a 13-episode straight-to-series commitment by Nickelodeon. Actual Jack Black, having been rendered redundant by this new, more streamlined version, has no apparent involvement with the project.