Sam & Cat, the hit Nickelodeon show that starred Ariana Grande and iCarly’s Jennette McCurdy, has been canceled. The move is rather unsurprising, given the rise of Grande’s musical career, but many are also attributing the decision to the drama that arose earlier this year after “racy photos” of McCurdy in lingerie leaked online, prompting the 21-year-old star to skip (or be asked to skip) the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, where sexiness does not rule. There were also rumors of behind-the-scenes tensions after McCurdy dramatically (read: quietly) unfollowed Grande on Twitter earlier this year, which TMZ claimed was because she was “pissed that Grande makes WAY MORE money than her.”

Whatever the real reasons for its cancellation, it’s worth noting that Sam & Cat was a hit, drawing 4.2 million people for its premiere and becoming the network’s best live-action debut in three years. That prompted the network’s execs to up the show’s 20-episode order to 40, which even Nickelodeon admits had to make its stars “understandably tired.” However, after the troubles started earlier this spring and the show went on unexpected hiatus, it ultimately only produced 35 episodes. This past Saturday’s episodes was its last.