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A few days ago, we reported that Donald Trump (a man so naive and weak-willed that he was able to get conned into abusing his presidential powers by… Rick Perry?) had posted a meme on Twitter featuring a reference to Nickelback’s “Photograph” music video, with the image altered to show some dumb bullshit that isn’t really relevant here (go find the link to Splinter up above if you want to actually know more). That’s dumb, but the fun part is that someone—be it Nickelback, its lawyers, or someone from the record label—issued a copyright complaint to Twitter and got the video taken down. Finally, a true path to cutting Trump out of our lives: Complaining to Twitter when he posts a meme on social media that comes from a music video that he doesn’t have the rights to! Capitalism works!


Anyway, this is pretty clearly the best thing Nickelback has done since “Photograph” originally came out in 2005, and now the band is enjoying the fruits of this newfound relevance. As reported by Billboard, sales and streams of “Photograph” have “surged,” with streams going up 38 percent and sales increasing by the astronomical rate of 569 percent from the time before the tweet was posted. Unfortunately for Nickelback, people weren’t really buying “Photograph” at all before this Trump thing, since the song did come out in 2005, so the actual sales—even with that 569 percent jump—were still “negligible.”

But hey, at least we all came out of this with the knowledge that Nickelback is definitely cooler than Donald Trump will ever be. A particularly uninteresting rock is also cooler than he’ll ever be, so that’s not saying much, but it’s what we’re going with.

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