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Nick Zano to play an evil-ish psychic in Fox’s Minority Report series

2 Broke Girls

Nick Zano, who starred as Swimming Safety Class dropout Hunt Wynorski in 2009’s The Final Destination, and who’s racked up a number of roles in recent years on shows like 2 Broke Girls and Happy Endings, will be playing a potentially evil psychic on Fox’s TV version of Minority Report. Zano will play Arthurnamed for Sir Arthur Conan Doyleone of the three “precogs” from Steven Spielberg’s original film. In the 10 years since the PreCrime system was abolished at the movie’s climax, Arthur has disappeared into the criminal underworld, and is rumored to be using his powers for personal gain, the consolidation of power, and annoyingly finishing other people’s sentences for them. Arthur is pursued by his brother, Dashiell (Stark Sands), who has teamed up with a “haunted” detective (Meagan Good) in an effort to use his powers for good.

Zano’s casting may come as something of a surprise to the non-psychics in the audience, as Sands was originally cast to play both Dash and Arthur for the show. The prescient identical twins were portrayed by real-life brothers Michael and Matthew Dickman in the original film, performances aided and abetted by significant quantities of goo. But now that the two brothersand their foster sister Agatha, played by Laura Reganare out of the nutrient slime, differences are bound to crop up, with the pair now being portrayed as fraternal twins, albeit ones still bound together by their shared powers and allusively literary names. Minority Report debuts September 21.


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