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Nick Stahl, star of Carnivale and Terminator 3, is missing

Actor Nick Stahl—perhaps best known for his roles in Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines, Bully, and the HBO series Carnivale—has gone missing, according to a police report filed by his wife, who contacted the LAPD after not hearing from him in five days. In addition to seeing Fox pass on his much-hyped small-screen comeback in Locke And Key, Stahl has personally had a rough go of it lately: After he and his wife separated in January, she reportedly asked a court to require monitored visitation between Stahl and his 2-year-old daughter, as well as mandatory drug tests 24 hours before he was allowed to see her. That same month, Stahl was arrested for "defrauding a taxi operator" after stiffing a cab driver on an $84 fare, spending at least a day in jail. TMZ says that Stahl's wife has expressed concern that his drug addiction may have played a part in his disappearance, noting that the actor was last seen around L.A.'s Skid Row area on May 9.


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