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Fargo’s second season will once again explore criminal acts amid the tangled, wintry backwoods of Minnesota. So who better to seek out for a role than Nick Offerman, a man who can chop those backwoods down and make those crimes far easier to solve, while also fashioning some nice canoes? The Wrap reports that an offer is out to Offerman to join the FX series in the role of “Carl,” though besides that being a perfectly fine character name for a man of such roughhewn, Carl-esque stock, little else is known right now. It’s also important to note that Offerman isn’t currently in negotiations, presumably waiting to see whether the Internet demonstrates any interest in his joining another cult series.


In the meantime, Fargo has nearly sealed a deal with Jeffrey Donovan, who will be following up his final season run on Burn Notice by donning his warmest layers of linen suits for the transition from Miami to the Northern Plains. Donovan will play the role of “Dodd” opposite the relative newcomer Rachel Keller as “Simone,” possibly joining other actors in contention like Mike Bradecich and Allan Dobrescu. (And here we pause for a reminder that last year, no one really knew who Allison Tollman was either.)

There’s no word on where this “Dodd,” “Simone,” and “Carl” fit into a story that showrunner Noah Hawley previously said would take place in 1979, revolving around a younger version of the Lou Solverson character Keith Carradine played. Although it’s probably safe to assume some of them will either be instigating or investigating crime, with frequent tragicomic setbacks.

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