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Nick Offerman to show the world his "nipples and nuggets" for charity

This year’s Night Of Too Many Stars just got a little bit more risqué. Nick Offerman, Parks And Recreation’s grade-A hunk of man meat, has agreed to strip for charity. For each $1,000 in donations the Autism charity raises, Offerman will get a little more naked—and he means it. He’s promising to show everything from “nipples to nuggets,” but says if there’s no coin, then there’s no groin. Donate now using the convenient online form or text “STRIP” to 50555 to give a quick $10. It’s the only way the world’s ever going to get to see Offerman’s real penis.

Night Of Too Many Stars airs this Sunday, Oct. 21 on Comedy Central. Other stars scheduled to appear include Katy Perry, Al Pacino, Stephen Colbert, Tina Fey, Jack McBrayer, Bill O’Reilly, Amy Poehler, Seth Rogen, Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Sudeikis, Anderson Cooper, Jimmy Kimmel, and Julianne Moore.

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