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Nick Offerman to play Dick McDonald in John Lee Hancock’s The Founder

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Nick Offerman has signed on to co-star in The Founder, director John Lee Hancock’s movie about how McDonald’s went from a single burger shop to an enormous burger monster. As we’ve previously reported, Michael Keaton is starring as Ray Kroc, the businessman who saw how successful the original McDonald’s restaurant was and then helped franchise it—while also forcing out the brothers who actually founded it. Laura Dern might be playing Kroc’s wife, and now we know that Offerman will be playing Dick McDonald, one of the brothers. THR describes him as “a control freak who gave in to pressure from his brother to let Kroc have more control of the business, only to realize too late he was being pushed out.” So, spoiler alert, we guess. No word yet on who will play the crucial role of Dick’s brother, Mac, or famous clown Ronald McDonald—who we believe is not actually related to the McDonald brothers.

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