A previous entry in Offerman's manly cartoon character resume, from The Simpsons

Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s Son Of Zorn might be the weirdest new show on Fox’s upcoming fall schedule—which is saying something, given this is a line-up that’s giving the world TV versions of both Lethal Weapon and The Exorcist in 2016. Set in a world where semi-heroic cartoon barbarians battle against office politics and suburban angst, the show mixes the live-action normality of Orange County with the Saturday morning cartoon mayhem of the mythical Zephyria.

The show’s trailers have mostly focused on the fish-out-of-water antics of the titular Zorn—Jason Sudeikis, doing his best oblivious He-Man voice—but IGN is reporting that we’ll be getting at least one more experienced voice actor as a Zephyrian native. Nick Offerman has joined the series in a recurring role as “Dr. Klorpins,” Zorn’s good friend and personal physician. We don’t know much about the character, beyond the fact that he’ll occasionally check in on his friend/patient via Facetime, and that he’s probably very manly. (Otherwise, why cast walking symbol of masculinity Offerman in the part?) Oh, and cast member Tim Meadows thinks he’s pretty funny, telling IGN, “Dr. Klorpins is my favorite Zephyrian. He is so funny.” Presumably, we can expect Meadows’ new book, My Favorite Zephyrian, to come out some time next year, after Son Of Zorn premieres this fall.