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Nick Offerman clearly stated back in October that his beloved, government-hating, libertarian Parks And Recreation character Ron Swanson “wouldn’t think very much of Trump.” And in a talk at SXSW, he reiterated that sentiment with some even more colorful language, putting to rest any notion that his fictional character would support a president that only seems like a fictional character but is in fact terrifyingly real. “More than anything, more than politics, Ron is a good person,” he said, according to Indiewire. “[And] regardless of your politics, you can’t deny the fact that Trump is a cheese-dick criminal.”

Ron’s political beliefs have had such a bizarre afterlife that Offerman had to remind the crowd that they were intended as a “joke.” He explained: “I really appreciate the tenets of libertarianism. But it’s so far been proven it can’t work without ending in chaos and anarchy. And if you’re going to put up a goofball like Gary Johnson, even Ron Swanson would be like, ‘Jesus Christ.’” So while Offerman does have strong opinions about Ron’s viewpoints, he does not actually share them. Just be content that the actor loves woodworking as much as the made-up bureaucrat and leave it at that.


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