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Nick Offerman, Sam Elliott, and Laura Prepon walk into an indie drama…

Parks And Recreation / The Big Lebowski

Here’s one for anyone who’s ever wanted to imagine brief Parks And Rec co-stars (and certified Hollywood masculinity icons) Nick Offerman and Sam Elliott hanging out together and getting high: Variety is reporting that the acclaimed mustache men are starring together in a new indie drama, alongside Orange Is The New Blacks Laura Prepon. Titled The Hero, the film will see Elliott—lately of The Ranch—play to gravel-voiced type, starring as a retired Western performer and voice actor who attempts to resurrect his signature character in a bid to reconnect with his family.

Besides Elliott, Offerman—who plays the grizzled actor’s best friend—and Prepon, the film will also star Jessica Jones’ Krysten Ritter, as Elliott’s estranged daughter. (Apparently, writer-director Brett Haley did all his casting in the middle of a fevered Netflix binge.) Haley’s last film, 2015’s I’ll See You In My Dreams, also starred Elliott, and garnered mildly positive reviews for its low-key approach to life after 50.


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