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Nick Offerman opens his woodworking shop to This Old House

Just two guys talking about how much they love wood (Photo: Sarah Violette)

Nick Offerman is almost as well known for talking wood as he is for his long run on Parks And Recreation, or his enviable marriage to Megan Mullally. Offerman previously provided a look into his wood shop with a SoulPancake-produced video, but now he’s inviting PBS viewers to take a gander. Ask This Old House dropped by Offerman’s wood shop, and in this sneak peek of the upcoming episode, host Kevin O’Connor talks animal housing with Offerman.

Offerman offers some helpful advice to all those saplings out there who might think they’re too green to become craftspeople, saying that it all begins with one project. It could be a bird house, a dog house, or a cow house—wait, we think that last one’s a barn. Anyway, you’ll have to check your local listings (here’s a link) to confirm just when the episode will be broadcast in your neck of the woods. But here in Chicago, it looks like Offerman will talk planing and sanding on February 11.


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