Remember that time two weeks ago when a Republican congressman (House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa, R-CA) convened a hearing to discuss religious freedom and birth control and the first panel contained only conservative men? And then Democrats were all, “Oh hell naw!” and Republicans were all “LOL!” and much hilarity ensued? Now there's a new group of middle-aged men offering their own expertise on the topic, and fortunately for us, it counts Nick Offerman, Judd Nelson, and Tim Meadows among its members. The Super PAC Funny Or Die posted a video of the group offering their knowledge on the matter, including Offerman's well-taken point that “Oral contraception is bad, plain and simple. Why? Because I don't understand how it works and science scares me.” Finally, the liberal Hollywood elite have seen the light: Men know what's best for women.