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Nick Offerman is as good as you'd expect at the New Yorker caption contest

We’ve previously written about how the New Yorker caption contest is funniest when it’s being broken or when the same non-sequitur phrase is pasted below every illustration. But, that was before we saw a true master at work. That master is famed woodworker, occasional actor, and man who seems to be good at everything Nick Offerman. Recently, Offerman paid a visit to the New Yorker offices to take part in what even he had to admit was “a brilliant session of captioning New Yorker cartoons.”


With each successive single-panel comic, Offerman broke down the essential parts, coldly analyzed the characters’ relationships, and identified the humorous, out-of-place element. He would then delve deep into the recesses of his mind—as if there was actually a correct answer he was searching for—and resurfaced with some simply succinct gem like, “These tolls are ridick…” The Parks And Recreation star also noted the insane number of therapists that show up in New Yorker cartoons, which he took to be a commentary on his own need for therapy but may actually say more about The New Yorker’s readership.

After adding another award-winning caption to a cartoon featuring two people watching giant birds eat out of a bird feeder (“Geoff, those fuckers will be delicious”), Offerman tried his hand at drawing a comic of his own. While the quality of the art may not be up to the standards of The New Yorker, Offerman was at least smart enough to call out that fact in the caption—“The trees look shitty again, dear.” Needless to say, we think he wins the contest this week.

[via Laughing Squid]

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