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Nick Offerman and Michelle Obama are here to pump you up

Screenshot: Funny Or Die

Because Nick Offerman and first lady Michelle Obama weren’t fantastic enough individually, they teamed up with Funny Or Die to create a video for the fitness app #0to60. Building on Michelle Obama’s efforts to get moving, #0to60 includes with tips and other resources for exercise and nutrition to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the President’s Council On Fitness, Sports & Nutrition. Drew Brees, Allyson Felix, Billie Jean King, and other athletes join Obama on the website, but since none of us can actually ever hope to run like Allyson Felix, Nick Offerman’s everyman is here to gamely walk you through decades of exercise fads:

History Of Exercise With Nick Offerman and First Lady Michelle Obama from Funny Or Die


Riffing on the popular “Evolution Of Dance” video, Offerman (with a cameo from his wife, Megan Mullally) works through fitness trends, gets frustrated during Olivia Newton-John’s “Let’s Get Physical,” and receives a pep talk from Michelle Obama, who probably didn’t even get sore from doing nonstop bicep curls.

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