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Nick Offerman admits he’s a Michael Keaton fanboy

Screenshot: Conan

Whether it’s because of Batman, Birdman, or Beetlejuice, most people would be geeked to meet Michael Keaton. So if you think you‘d probably lose your cool around him, you’re in great (bearded) company, as even his co-stars are in awe of him. While on Conan last night, Nick Offerman admitted he’s a fanboy of Mr. Mom (well, maybe not that specific movie).

The Parks And Recreation alum, who had recently hung out with two princes (not those), giggled as he recalled meeting Keaton for the first time on the set of The Founder. Offerman sighed over the Spotlight actor’s electric blue eyes, and maybe even forgot that he was supposed to be mad at Keaton’s character Ray Kroc for stealing the whole McDonald’s idea. We’ll all be able to gawk at Offerman’s giddiness over Keaton when The Founder hits theaters on December 16.


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