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Illustration for article titled Nick Kroll contrives family conflict and pratfalls in the trailer for a fake Thanksgivukkah movie

This year’s calendar features a rare overlap between Thanksgiving and the second night of Hanukkah, the first time the two holidays have occupied the same day since 1918. (And it won’t happen again until 2070.) So Funny Or Die cooked up a trailer for a holiday-centric family comedy about one man (Nick Kroll) juggling the two sides of his family celebrating different holidays on the same day, and unnecessarily separating the two dinners out of an irrational fear contrived solely for movie purposes. He’s trying to keep the fact that he’s Jewish hidden from his in-laws, which Kroll's best friend (Kumail Nanjiani) character rightly skewers. (“No, I get what the premise is. It just seems like a manufactured conflict.”) Fred Willard, Penny Marshall, Fred Melamed play the parents whosee through Kroll's zany and ultimately botched attempts at keeping each side isolated. It’s not quite Lizzy Caplan as Rebecca Ruxin on The League, but it’s a nice bit of fun with the two holidays.


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