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Illustration for article titled Nick Jonas to be punched in the face repeatedly (in new boxing drama)

Like Gwyneth Paltrow before him, Nick Jonas has an ineffable quality, that certain something, a rare ability to bring all Americans together, young and old, rich and poor, in their desire to see him get punched in the face. And finally, someone in Hollywood is smart enough to capitalize on that nearly universal desire, as the youngest Jonas Brother will soon be playing a boxer, in a new drama that will assuredly involve him being punched in the face repeatedly.

That drama, Navy St., is part of DirecTV's foray into original series, and will co-star Frank Grillo as a washed-up former boxer who now runs a mixed martial arts gym. (Grillo also played a trainer in Warrior.) Lost's Kiele Sanchez plays Grillo's girlfriend and Jonas plays his son, the gym's top fighter, whose face will presumably get punched regularly, as DirecTV subscribers sit with rapt attention.


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