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Nick Jonas joins the cast of Scream Queens

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When we announced that Ariana Grande had joined the cast of Fox’s upcoming Scream Queens as a recurring guest star, it was assumed that she fulfilled Ryan Murphy’s regularly scheduled “inexplicable pop singer” role on his new show. Now, it seems like that assumption was premature, and Murphy is hungry for more: Variety announces that Nick Jonas has also signed on to the horror-comedy anthology series.


Jonas, who is best known for unleashing the horror-comedy of The Jonas Brothers on the world, has been acting professionally since long before he joined the Disney machine. He started on Broadway at the age of six, in musicals like A Christmas Carol and Annie Get your Gun. Throughout his music career, he has continued acting, both in Disney channel projects and on stage and film. He is currently a cast member on the DirecTV series Kingdom, which has been picked up for a second season and is supposedly pretty good, despite being a show about MMA fighters co-starring Nick Jonas.

There is no word yet about Jonas’ role on Scream Queens; any knowledge about the show remains shrouded in a veil of ignorance, just like Ryan Murphy’s knowledge about the history of the horror-comedy genre.

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