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Nick Frost is again trying his hand at American TV

After Fox passed on Sober Companion, Nick Frost is making a second attempt at bringing his boyish charms to American TV audiences. According to Deadline, ABC has bought The Finger, a single-camera comedy from Frost and Ben Karlin, veteran of The Daily Show, The Colbert Report (which he co-created), and more recently, Modern Family. (He also once wrote for our sister site, The Onion.)

The two will co-write the story, which will see Frost star as Nick Ferguson, aka The Finger, a character Deadline breathlessly describes as “the world’s most famous jewel thief who wants to quit his life of crime, open up a humble sandwich shop, and do right by his 9-year-old son.” If picked up, the series will hopefully answer questions like, “Will he ever open that darned sandwich shop?!” and, “Wait, wait, wait, isn’t ‘world’s most famous jewel thief’ an oxymoron? Wouldn’t the greatest jewel thief be completely anonymous?”


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