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Nick Frost finds Sober Companion

For years, Nick Frost has played the type of slovenly, occasionally intoxicated lout whose innate kindness has characters on the straight-and-narrow forever apologizing for him—and now he gets to do that on American TV. Variety reports that the World’s End star—and the Bodhi to Simon Pegg’s Johnny Utah—will play the otherwise lovable souse seeking the assistance of Justin Long in the upcoming Fox pilot Sober Companion. Frost is set to play the part of Robert, an ambitious attorney whose problems with addiction catch up to him in a most embarrassing fashion—an embarassing fashion in which he’s placed under the supervision of Justin Long for a court-and-script mandated 90 days of sobriety. If the pilot makes it to series, and Robert makes it through those 90 days without doing the things that Nick Frost characters typically do (even after they’ve dried out, like Andy in The World’s End), maybe his bond with Long’s character will be strong enough to inspire a hilarious running gag involving flashbacks and fake mustaches.


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