Nick Cave’s howling, horny Bad Seeds side project Grinderman is no more, according to Cave himself, who closed a recent set at Australia’s Meredith Music Festival by announcing, “That’s it for Grinderman. It’s over,” according to a report from The Vine. Cave then joked, sort of, “See you all in another 10 years when we’ll be even older and uglier,” suggesting a reunion isn’t completely unthinkable, but it’s at least a decade off, when we’ll all be even older and uglier. Unless you happen to be Grinderman violinist Warren Ellis, in which case you’ve pretty much plateaued at your current state of attractiveness. In the meantime, Ellis has another Dirty Three record, Toward The Low Sun, due for release on February 28, while Cave is expected to concentrate on getting together the 15th Bad Seeds album. And as for Grinderman, well, we still have the memories, most of which involve some pretty awesome songs about fucking. [via The Guardian]