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Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand” gets a whimsical Dr. Seuss makeover

Nick Cave’s 1994 classic “Red Right Hand” is a rad tune, but it’s also pretty spooky and ominous for some people’s tastes. To undercut that a little bit, a DeviantArt user known as DrFaustusAU paired the song’s lyrics with some Dr. Seuss-style drawings, and the combination makes the song feel a lot more lighthearted and whimsical than it did before.


Alright, so it’s still pretty spooky and ominous—it might even be more spooky and ominous—but it’s a cool project either way. The visualization casts the man with the red hand as a sort of Lorax-like figure who lives just outside of town, but instead of teaching kids about the importance of conserving the Truffula Trees, he’s just benevolently helping people out and he doesn’t have any ulterior motives whatsoever.

You can hear the song and see some of the images below, with the rest hosted at DrFaustusAU’s page.


[via Faster Louder]

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