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Nick Carter, champion of the dolphins

We're not sure why, but there's something about this story that's inherently hilarious from the headline on down. Maybe it's the idea that—of all the people on the planet—the U.N. chose to appoint Backstreet Boy Nick Carter the official "savior of the dolphins" by making him ambassador of their Year Of The Dolphin campaign (aimed at raising awareness of the threats posed to them in the wild), despite the fact that, by his own admission, Carter doesn't really seem to know much about dolphins. ("I don't want to be this person to come across and say, `Why, I know what's going on' and shove it down people's throats," Carter says. "(Because) I don't know everything.") More likely, however, it's this final paragraph, about Carter's efforts to pay tribute the only way he knows how:

Carter said he'll expand on the same feelings he expressed in a song he wrote called "Believe" in order to write a new anthem about the plight of dolphins.

"I am probably going to go back to the drawing board and try to outdo myself and write an even better song," Carter said.


No way—a better anthem for dolphins than "Believe"?! Is that even possible?

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