With the economy showing moderate signs of improvement and definitely no longer vulnerable to the wildly unchecked aspirations of the American consumer, the Style Network believes the time is nigh for a reboot of Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous. The series devoted to lavishing envious awe on the carefree spending of the wealthiest people in the world will begin shooting new episodes in the fall, replacing original host Robin Leach with omnipresent host Nick Cannon, during one of his few waking hours not spent hosting something else. The Hollywood Reporter says the show will bring an updated glimpse into “the homes of dot-com money, hip-hop fame, one-hit wonders and old money glitz” not seen elsewhere in Cribs, the Real Housewives franchise, myriad other reality series and gossip blogs, or the dangerous self-delusions of a society repeatedly encouraged to live well beyond its means.

“I want to remind people that just because you might be rich and famous, it doesn't mean you have to take yourself too seriously,” Cannon said of the show’s overall mission, which he believes will prove “relatable" to the many minimum-wage earners who’ll probably tune in, allaying their fears that rich people aren’t having any fun. Cannon hasn’t yet indicated whether he plans to replicate Leach’s “champagne wishes and caviar dreams” sign-off, or maybe just end every episode by laughing while he burns one of his huge paychecks.