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Screenshot: The Great (YouTube)

Humans have been having fun with anachronistic behavior in stories with historical settings ever since there were historical settings, but it seems like it’s been a particularly hot trend lately. Blame Hamilton or… maybe Apple’s Dickinson. Either way, Hulu is getting in on the fun soon with The Great, a “comedic drama” about Catherine The Great’s rise to power in Russia. As this trailer notes, the series is “sort of” based on historical facts, with Elle Fanning playing a pre-Great Catherine and Nicholas Hoult playing her decidedly not-Great husband Peter III. We won’t spoil what happened in history, but let’s just say that their relationship doesn’t end up working out super well—at least for him. The series looks wacky and expensive, at least in terms of elaborate period costumes, and it comes from The Favourite writer Tony McNamara. It’ll premiere on May 15.

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