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According to Deadline, Masters Of Sex’s Nicholas D’Agosto has joined Gotham as Harvey Dent, the city’s “bright, charming, idealistic Assistant District Attorney.” Dent is one of the few good guys in Gotham, having dedicated his life to the singular purpose of taking down every criminal in the city—even if it means stopping them one by one. D’Agosto will only have a recurring role in the first season, but Deadline says he might get bumped to series regular if Gotham continues for any future seasons.

We first reported on Harvey Dent popping up on Gotham back in July, but the one and only thing we knew back then was that he’d be “slightly older” than Bruce Wayne. It’s surprising that the show is starting him off in the District Attorney’s office so early—even if he’s not the DA yet—since most early Batman stories tend to portray him as a new-ish force for good in the city. The Deadline article doesn’t give any more details on the Gotham version of Dent beyond that, so it remains to be seen if the character will have any completely normal non-obsessive tendencies to, say, flip a coin or fixate on any particular number.


In fact, we believe D’Agosto’s Dent will make a point to do everything only one time, and also he’ll very carefully avoid any acid that looks like it could come near his face. If there’s one thing Harvey Dent doesn’t need, it’s for one part of his face to be all gross and disfigured, and for the other part of his face to still be fine. It would almost be like he had one scary face and one normal face, which would probably be traumatic enough to drive him to a life of crime. Thankfully, that will never happen on Gotham.

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