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Nichelle Nichols has suffered a stroke

Star Trek

Nichelle Nichols—who, of course, played Lieutenant Uhura on the original Star Trek series—has suffered a stroke, according to a post on her official Facebook page. All the post says is that the 82-year-old Nichols “suffered from a mild stroke” yesterday at her home, that she is “currently undergoing testing to determine how severe the stroke was,” and to “please keep her in your thoughts.” George Takei, who was on Star Trek with her, tweeted about Nichols, saying, “We don’t have any diagnosis on her condition but our thoughts are with her.”


This news will be especially distressing for Star Trek fans—given Leonard Nimoy’s recent death—but the reference to her stroke being “mild” makes it sound like this might not be as bad as it could be. Still, the consensus seems to be for us to keep her in our thoughts, so that’s as good an idea as any. We’ll update this post if any other pertinent information becomes available.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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