Despite the second word in the title of The Naked Gun, the Leslie Nielsen starring film series based on a short-lived television series Police Squad is not generally thought of as sexy. Sure, the relationship between Nielsen’s police detective Frank Drebin and Priscilla Presley’s Jane has its charm, following their courtship in the original film, their reconnection in 2 1/2 and their marriage in 33 1/3. But leave it to the internet to remind us of just how kinky Drebin can be.

Enter this mashup video of 50 Shades Of Grey and The Naked Gun. The laughs all come on the Naked Gun side of the equation, with Drebin’s proclamation of “nice beaver” thrown into the ether, the body-sized condoms seeming even more sexually adventurous, and Drebin’s ill-fated attempt to stop the Queen’s assassination at a banquet now portrayed as the act of a deviant. Maybe if Drebin was the actual Mr. Grey, more people would have liked the movie.